Programs, Speakers and Upcoming Events


October 2:      Lindsay Bryce, Saginaw ISD:                              "Math in the Mail"

October 9:      BCNOC Board meeting review 

October 1 6;    Rick Donahue, fire safety in the home

 October 18:    Bay Area Chamber After Hours Block Party                          State Theatre,  Herman Hiss and Co.,                                      United Way Bay County 

October 23:     Erin Riley  City Market Update

October 25:     Children's Birthday Party

                              Good Samaritan Rescue Mission 

October 26-27:     Michigan District  Optimist

                         First Quarter Conference, 

October30:  Tim Murray/Christine Eckerle  

                         Bay City's Hidden History


November 6:     Kathy Dardas

November 10:    Camel Races,  LFA Hall, Amelith Rd

November 12:    Travel and Adventure Series

              Bay City State Theatre

November 13:    Amy Trogan  

               "Great Lakes Bay Mother Baby Cafe"

November 15:     Bay Area Chamber After Hours

               Bay County Historical Museum

November 20:   Magen Samyn  McLaren Bay Region 

November 27:    TBA 

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

Travelogue Series

November 12, 2018 :  Guatamala, On The Edge of Discovery